Sketches – Site layout and footprints

Honeyville Proposed sites and Masterplan



Proposed eco-sites, permaculture village and wetlands

Eco sites in pristine vegetation

wetland, permaculture horns and labyrinth



Original farm buildings and land proposed for sites and wetland


4 Responses to Sketches – Site layout and footprints

  1. jeffpermie says:

    Hi there! Great project, any news on the development? Your blog hasn’t been updated in a while 🙂


    • karidanna says:

      Hi Jeff
      I’m not terribly efficient at the blogging as you have noticed. Our project is still under way and I will be adding new material in the new year as to all the new members and activities. Thank you for your interest!


  2. Lisa Cowan says:

    Hello! I am looking to buy a tiny stand within an eco village or freestanding where i can build myself a tiny off-grid eco home.
    Also, this whole concept/way of living is appealing to many and with property development experience in hand in looking at the prospect of creating eco villages for all types of people nationwide.
    I would love to meet you guys to see you’re doing and hail from your experience thus far.
    Many thanks,
    Lisa Cowan


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