Biodynamic Farming

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2 Responses to Biodynamic Farming

  1. Melinda de Smidt says:

    Dear Honeyvillians,
    I’m so happy to have found your website and come closer into contact with you again since meeting Karolien, Dave and John in June.
    I just wanted to say that Rudolf Steiner is another parent of Biodynamics which he developed in 1924 in Germany, i look forward to exploring the differences and similarities between these two techniques and philosophies as I’m going to study Biodynamic Agriculture next year.
    Many blessings on your work, I look forward to becoming part of your community in not too many years.

    Melinda de Smidt
    Ps. do you know about the community center in Humansdorp? Apparently it was built with a lot amazing energy, and I know one of the people who built it.


    • karidanna says:

      Thank you for your lovely mail. That will be wonderful. We have our first family arrive to live her permanently and be very much involved in the social development side of Honeyville’s project, this month. Alex and Stef Eppel and their gorgeous daughters, Maya and Amber. We have also had a number of inquiries from WOOFERS with our first official Woofer arriving at the end of the month. Exciting times! We look forward to hearing of your research. The horses are doing beautifully. Much love Karo


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