Honey Bee Project

The equipment has arrived . We have brood boxes, frames and all the little wooden jigsaw pieces to get the group to begin with building their own frames. Within hours of Malcolm dropping off the brood boxes, one of them became home to a colony. Wow that was easy! Although it is precariously stationed the top of the steps and will have to be moved before we have any casualties.

Ill keep you all posted with pics when we get the program up and buzzing this weekend.  Open the link if you are interested in viewing details on our community project funded by FOBWA (UNDP) beginning this September HONEYVILLE community BEEKEEPING Program ppt

catching swarms


One Response to Honey Bee Project

  1. joshster says:

    Wow this whole setup is cool!! normally I hate it when I find out that one individual or a small group of individuals own such a large chunk of land (800 hectares? if im not mistaken??) but in your case you have good intentions (quickening the permaculture revolution), unlike those royals here in the UK, one baroness hoards over 30,000 hectares of land! and thats just a baroness! … the future is bright though! If I still lived in SA I would want to be a part of this project of yours.
    I hope its going well? I dont see any blog updates since January 😦


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