Olive planting for Honeyville

With regards to your planting strategy-do the lay out.

Trees planted too close to one another compete with each other and you have to prune to keep trees healthy.    You tend to
farm with wood rather than olives.   My suggestion is that you make your minimum distance 3meter but from 4m-5m you will have a good spacing.   Then for a tractor to come through I
would make the interrow 5m-6m.

Have fun with your plan.   The planting will then be in holes which we should add in a good amount of compost and rock (where drainage is required).

Water requirement

An excellent article on water for olives.

The type of irrigation is immaterial.   Each one has to be managed. With sprinkle you can treat a larger area and you can assist to support biology in the soil as well.   With drip you can not do that and with drip in sand your cones would not really get to strip watering

Information on tree growing

Please go to the following website and on bottom left corner there is a link to further useful info.

Click on Fruit trees on steriods.   Use that as your planting principle.

Plant timing

If you have water and you have applied all the requirements and prepared the soil. You can plant as long as it is not too hot.


Use Bounce Back from Neutrog or Enhancer from Avison as the fertiliser requirements .125
gr – 250 gr per tree roughly at planting is good . Use values depending on budget. Both
Products are all organic certified.

Nutrition spray.
A product called Agribalance is a natural product I use. I have excellent results on many issues and
would like you to have that as a core product as well as some others.Product is organic andcomes
with certification.If in the future you would develop a wormfactory with a point for extract then we
can supplement with that dilution as well.

When it comes to that I will supply detail of when and how.

Press sizes and costing

I did some costings for a large concern and would just have to scale it down.   I would have time during the week and let me just work through it before I supply the information.

The harvest planning ties up with that as well as the overall budget. Will send through later.


Grass weeds like Cynodon and Kikoeyoe need to be destroyed before planting.  They just
grow better as soon as we start good practices and water.In a land it is best to remove with
a ghrop and then burn the heaps.   Do not disc in.   If Glyphosate has to be used then use with
strict controls.   Grass has to be actively growing.   If a lot of dust on the grass then the herbicide will not work as effective.   After rain it is normally good to use.


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