Yoga Retreat

Planning phase

This space is to be created by the needs it will fulfill.  We have some clear ideas about what we would like to manifest here , yet we are allowing this design to unfold through inspiration and consciousness.

It is a gathering space to commune in harmony and with a common purpose. The intention of which will be to enhance each one’s individual life experience.

Nestled on a mountain side,  surrounded by nature with undisturbed  panoramic views of the distant mountain range looking out to the West.  The morning sun’s rays flowing in from the East.  This yoga retreat will be designed with Ayurvedic principles in mind . 

 “Because the individual is Cosmic, everything about individual life should be in full harmony with Cosmic Life.  Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design gives dimensions, formulas, and orientations to the buildings that will provide Cosmic harmony and support to the individual for his peace, prosperity, and good health – daily life in accord with Natural Law, daily life in the evolutionary direction.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

The inspiration of our studio which will be constructed from all the materials available on the land.

The “potential ” Honeyville Retreat  Experience (photos below are inspiration only and not ours )Down Dog Mexico Yoga Center 1  Yoga Center   Yoga Jungle sky yoga Suites

(looking for a wild space to lead a Yoga and Meditation Retreat),  students (individual travelers looking for a unique and healthy retreat/vacation with the famous “internationally” recognised surf spots of – Jeffreys Bay and St Francis Bay only 20 minutes away).

The Studio (the dreaming phase)

Enjoy our unique  (200 m2) yoga studio set uphill amidst the “vynbos” vegetation.   It can comfortably hold up to 50 students.   Practicing and learning in Honeyville Retreat, Eastern Cape, will be a truly enriching experience, the awe-inspiring mind & body studio is  designed with sensitivity to the natural environment, inspired to infuse peace and serenity. With a panoramic view of the mountain range and Moon Mountain, ( being a part of the Baviaans mega Reserve) group practices will create an incredible collective energy and offer a fascinating journey.

The studio is equipped with walls for handstand or headstand practice.

 Meditation Pathways

Honeyville Retreat secret meditation hideaways for individual contemplation  can be found in isolated spots on a mountain ledge or sitting amongst the protea on a mountain side.  Riverine walks dotted with ponds filled with waterlilies and fern provide quiet places  for peace and tranquility.

 Sunrise and sunset set Yoga  Practices on the Deck – 

             yoga-centre-village-layout.pdf  (open file to view yoga retreat layout -still in design process)


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